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School Policies

Welcome to the School of Rock! We are excited to have you join our community and are looking forward to see you having fun rockin’ out! This document explains our policies on payment, lessons, and rehearsals, as well as other important terms & conditions. Please read it carefully, and let us know if you have any questions. This document, policies, terms & conditions may be updated from time-to-time without prior notice. Please ask our staff where to obtain the most recent version.


The School of Rock is more than a music school – we’re a community of musicians! We advocate diversity, inclusion, and creativity of expression in the positive context of learning and making music. Our staff is dedicated to maintaining a safe, fun, collaborative, educational, positive, and supportive community for students of all ages. As such, all students as well as guardians, parents and visitors must always adhere to the School of Rock Code of Conduct (which you signed when registering and is available on your School of Rock account website) while at the school or at shows and events. Abusive behaviour towards any member of our community including staff, instructors, fellow students, guests, audience members, other parents or guardians, or other violations of the code of conduct will not be tolerated, and may result in the cancellation of your or your child’s membership and lessons, including a ban from our facility and events, at the School of Rock Vancouver’s sole discretion.


Please note that you are signing up for a monthly membership, and not for any individual lessons, rehearsals or other services. Each membership plan offers a different level of access and benefits.

Little Wing Program

  • One group class visit per week*
  • Exclusive discounts with participating partners and events
Rookies Program
  • One group class visit per week*
  • Exclusive discounts with participating partners and events

Rock 101 Program
  • One private lesson visit per week*
  • One group rehearsal visit per week*
  • Access to lesson rooms to practice between 1pm – 3pm on Weekdays, or other times when rooms are not in use and available. (Subject to availability, and not guaranteed.)
  • Exclusive discounts with participating partners and events

Performance Program

  • One private lesson visit per week*
  • One group rehearsal visit per week*
  • Access to lesson rooms to practice between 1pm – 4pm on Weekdays, when rooms are not in use and available. (Subject to availability, and not guaranteed. No pre-booking)
  • Exclusive discounts with participating partners and events

Adult Program
  • One private lesson visit per week*
  • One group rehearsal visit per week*
  • Access to lesson rooms to practice between 1pm – 4pm on Weekdays, when rooms are not in use and available. (Subject to availability, and not guaranteed. No pre-booking)
  • Exclusive discounts with participating partners and events

*Excluding all statutory holidays


School of Rock offers group-based programs similar to team sports and dance or performance groups. Each student is expected to attend all lessons and rehearsals for the duration of their membership.
Of course, there are times when students will fall ill or will be away travelling for an extended period of time. During these absences, students are expected to continue to practice on their own time in order to keep up with the rest of the group.


In the event that a student has missed a significant amount of lessons and/or rehearsals, the student may be removed from songs in upcoming shows and their parts re-cast to another student. In order to participate in upcoming shows, students are required to attend and fully participate in lessons and rehearsals, and have a plan in place to make up for missed time or to help continue their music development while away. In the rare circumstance that a student has been absent for more than three consecutive rehearsals, or continues to be absent for lessons and/or rehearsals after receiving notice from the school, School of Rock may terminate the student’s enrollment and membership effective immediately. In the case that a student is dismissed and membership cancelled due to excessive absences, no make-up classes, credits or refunds will be provided.


If you will be away for an extended period, please communicate with our Studio Coordinator at least one month in advance in order to pre-schedule any make-up classes, and to coordinate what to practice while away with your instructor. Please note that School of Rock does not provide any refunds, credits, discounts, or proration of membership fees for any missed lessons or rehearsals regardless of the reason.


Please see the Cancellation Policy section for additional details. Should you choose to cancel your membership, you will be immediately removed from any upcoming shows and your parts will be re-cast to another student. While you may still attend rehearsals until the end of your membership term, there may not be a part for you to play if another student has replaced you.

School of Rock does not offer temporary holds on memberships, lesson time slots, or rehearsal / group cast positions, and once cancelled all member benefits will be terminated at the end of the membership term in accordance with the cancellation policy, and lesson time slots and cast positions forfeited and made available to other students immediately. Should you choose to return following a cancellation, you will need to re-apply for membership and pay any associated registration fees again.


School of Rock payments are processed by pre-authorized credit card (Visa & Mastercard only) billed on the first of each month. We do not accept cash payments. Other than your first and last months (depending on start date / end date), membership fees are not prorated for any reason including missed lessons. Payment for your first month is due on the day you start your membership with School of Rock.

Payment in full is due by the first lesson or rehearsal of each month in order to attend and have continued access to the facility. If you are unable to pay the full amount, please contact our office to discuss payment plan options and related fees. All payments must be made by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) only. We do not accept payments by cash or cheque.

When you sign up for services at School of Rock, you agree to have your credit card automatically charged each month with the credit card you have provided and on-file within our payment system. Please contact us to make changes to or update your credit card when they expire or are cancelled for any reason. In the event that your card is declined, we will contact you to discuss your account. If payment is not received by the first lesson or rehearsal of each month, your membership and scheduled lessons, rehearsals or other services will be suspended until such time as your account has been settled and in good standing.


If you need to change your membership in any way, including but not limited to; cancellation, switching programs, adding lessons for additional instruments, please contact our office by phone or email.


While we really hope that everyone has a great experience at School of Rock, we completely understand that sometimes it isn’t the right fit, or other things happen. Don’t worry, you can cancel anytime! However, 30 days written notice is required if you wish to discontinue membership, lessons, or other services for any reason. You will only be billed for up to a maximum of 30 days from the date we receive your written request to cancel, so if you cancel mid-month, your next invoice will be prorated for the difference remaining. For example, if you have 10 days left on your current month, you will be billed a prorated amount for the remaining 20 days leading up to cancellation. Of course, your membership, lessons and rehearsals will continue during the cancellation period, and your access and services will terminate 30 days from the day you provided notice in writing.

Please note that if once you provide notice of cancellation, and then change your mind and would like to continue lessons and rehearsals, we are unable to guarantee that you will be able to be scheduled in the same lesson and rehearsal times, or instructor after the 30 day cancellation period is over.


The School of Rock does not provide full or partial refunds for membership, lesson, rehearsal or other services including registration fees. Refunds and/or credits are not provided for missed classes, rehearsals or other services, including lessons or rehearsals that are cancelled due to statutory holiday closures.

Merchandise that is in new / un-used condition with original packaging may be returned or exchanged within 30 days from purchase with an original purchase receipt, or record of the purchase within your School of Rock account. Refunds must be made to the same credit card that the purchase was made. No refunds are provided for gift-cards. Gift card balances are not refundable or convertible to cash.

All Earaser, ear-plugs, or personal-use related products are final sale for health and hygiene reasons.


If you or your child is unable to attend a regularly scheduled lesson, please contact us a minimum of 24 hours in advance to cancel your lesson. No refunds or credits are provided for cancelled lessons, however if you provide sufficient advanced notice, you may have the option to re-schedule your cancelled lesson, depending on your instructor’s schedule and lesson room availability. Group rehearsals are not eligible for re-scheduling or makeups. Please note that make-up and/or re-scheduled lessons are not guaranteed and are subject to the following terms and conditions and makeup lesson policy below.

Important: All lesson cancellations or re-scheduling must be coordinated through the front desk and not directly with your instructor. Instructors are unable to verify eligibility and availability of make-up lessons, and all schedule changes must be reflected directly in your School of Rock account in advance.


Makeup lessons are not guaranteed and subject to instructor and lesson room availability. Only private lessons are eligible for makeup lessons subject to the following terms. No makeup lessons, credits, or refunds are provided for any group lessons or rehearsals. If you are eligible for a makeup lesson, a makeup lesson pass will be added to your account and expire in 2 months from the issue date. You must schedule and use your available makeup lesson pass within this two month window, otherwise the makeup pass expires and is no longer available to you. Makeup passes cannot be extended beyond two months for any reason. Make up lessons cannot be banked in lieu of a monthly payment. For example, if your child has 4 makeup lessons you cannot use those for a “free” month of lessons. All makeup lessons must be scheduled while you or your child is currently enrolled, and expire once you cancel your membership, lessons or other services. If you are not currently enrolled you cannot use make up lessons.

Several of our teachers, especially those with very full schedules, have no regular openings in their schedules, so it may not be possible to get a makeup lesson with your child’s regular instructor. In that case, we will suggest an alternate instructor or substitute. If an instructor with a full schedule cancels lessons due to illness, they may offer makeup lessons on a day they don’t normally teach. Your child can also have their make up lesson on a different instrument. This gives them an opportunity to try out different instruments, or get help on another instrument they are cast on.


Once scheduled, a makeup lesson can not be cancelled or re-scheduled. If you miss or cancel your makeup lesson, you then forfeit your makeup lesson and the visit will be deducted from your pass.


If a lesson is canceled by School of Rock for any reason (e.g. teacher illness, inclement weather), We will provide a make-up lesson at no additional cost. Due to scheduling constraints, the make-up lesson may or may not occur on the same day of the week as your typical lesson, or may be held remotely at School of Rock's discretion.In the event you are unable to attend a lesson for your own reason, School of Rock will make efforts to arrange for a make-up lesson, provided, however, that you notify the Studio Coordinator of your expected absence at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. Due to scheduling constraints, the make-up lesson may or may not occur on the same day of the week as your typical lesson, and may or may not be given by your regular instructor. If you fail to show up for your lesson or notify the General Manager less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson, you will not be eligible for a make-up lesson.


Please note that School of Rock is closed on all Federal and Provincial Statutory Holidays, and no make-up lessons or refunds are provided for lessons that fall on these days. However, some months may be five weeks long, and we do not charge any additional fees for extra lessons or rehearsals that fall on those months.


Private lessons and group rehearsals for Rock 101, Performance and Adult students will be cancelled on the day of all seasonal shows which occur approximately every four months. Since all students are expected to be participating, the seasonal shows are considered in lieu of lessons and rehearsals and part of the overall School of Rock experience. No makeup lessons, credits or refunds are provided for cancelled classes on show days. Rookies and Little Wing classes may continue on these days, or may be re-scheduled as needed.


Should the School of Rock be forced to closed due to severe weather or other unexpected emergencies, make-up lessons will be provided at no additional charge. Rehearsals may not be re-scheduled, depending on the circumstances and impact to the overall schedule and room availability. Shows and events typically will not be re-scheduled.


All of our instructors are working musicians who tour, record, and gig, and just like all of us, occasionally get sick. This means that your child may have a substitute once in a while for their lessons. All substitutes are employees of School of Rock who have been background checked and have completed our mandatory safety training, and are highly qualified to teach the instrument for which they are substituting. Additionally, substitute instructors will review each student’s instructor’s notes that lets them know where things were left off during the previous lesson, helping them understand what should be worked on during the substitute lesson.

We also often use instructors who teach lessons on other days as substitutes. If the instructor knows far enough in advance that they will be gone for a student’s lesson, they will inform their students. However, occasionally we need to arrange a substitute at the last minute. In that case, we will let your child know when they come in for their lesson that they have a substitute that day.


Please note that School of Rock Vancouver does not guarantee placement with any specific instructor and reserves the right to change instructors at any time without prior notice. Instructors will be assigned according to the student’s skill level, age, and schedule at School of Rock’s sole discretion. You may request a specific instructor, however we are unable to guarantee that the instructor will be available for your lesson times currently or for continued lessons in the future, since they are professional musicians that may travel for shows periodically. However, please note that all School of Rock instructors have undergone a background check, code of conduct and safety training, and will only be placed with students that are at the appropriate skill level for that instructor.


We will be sending regular communication to all students and parents by email, including important information about billing, your account, upcoming show sign-ups, new programs, camps, rehearsals, school closures, shows and more. Please make sure that we have an accurate email address for everyone on your account who needs to stay informed.

Emails will be sent from vancouver@schoolofrock.com. Please DO NOT opt-out or un-subscribe from our email list, otherwise you may miss important information and communication. Once you un-subscribe, we are unable to re-add that email address, and you will have to provide a different email address to use. School of Rock Vancouver is not responsible for any missed or mis-directed communication.


Instructors will be communicating with you and/or your child through your School of Rock account (Pike13) and the School of Rock Method App. Please note that instructors have limited time in between students to speak with parents, however if you’d like to speak with your child’s instructor, please inform the front desk and they will let your instructor know to meet you briefly after your child’s lesson. Instructors are not available to speak with or email with students and/or parents outside of their scheduled class or lesson time. We do not provide instructor’s emails or phone numbers for any reason.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s lessons, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Music Director, Al MacInnes at amacinnes@schoolofrock.com or by calling 778-561-4261 anytime!


When you sign up for programs, you will receive access to your School of Rock account where you will be able to view bills, upcoming lesson and rehearsal schedules, update your contact information and payment methods, as well as view school policies and the code of conduct. Check your email for a welcome letter with directions on claiming your online account. If you didn’t receive a welcome email, please check your spam / junk-mail folder, or call us if you have any questions or need help accessing your account.


Make sure to download the School of Rock Method App from your mobile device or computer before you start your first class! Your instructor will assign specific practice assignments weekly which you or your child are expected to complete before the following lesson. This helps you keep track of practice habits, as well as have specific goals on what should be practiced and/or learned each week.

Use of the app is mandatory for all students with one-on-one lessons. Method-App access begins on the first day of lessons or rehearsals, and is terminated upon cancellation of your membership, lessons or other services. If you have any questions about accessing or using the app, please contact us or see the front desk.


For the safety of all our students, only active School of Rock Vancouver students and staff are permitted to enter the facility beyond the lobby entrance. School of Rock does not have an observation area, and parents, family and friends must wait in the lobby during all lessons and rehearsals. Parents, family, or friends are not permitted to stay and observe lessons and/or rehearsals inside lesson and rehearsal rooms, or in the facility's hallways. In some cases, we may invite parents to view a class from the hallway for a short time, or during a tour or special events, and under staff supervision, however this is at School of Rock's sole discretion and not guaranteed in any way. All students must check-in and check-out when entering and leaving the facility. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the cancellation of your or your child’s membership and lessons, including a ban from our facility and events, at the School of Rock Vancouver’s sole discretion.


To ensure the safety of our students, School of Rock requires that every student, of any age, remain on School of Rock premises unless accompanied by a parent or guardian including at pick up time. A parent or guardian may inform the Studio Manager or Studio Coordinator that an alternative person will be picking up the student on a case by case basis at or before drop off at the School of Rock premises.

For pick up, or end of lesson departures, a parent or guardian may grant School of Rock permission to allow their child 10 years of age or older, to leave School of Rock premises unaccompanied by the parent or guardian by signing an off-premise waiver. Students will not be allowed to leave the premises (including to take public transportation or walk to go home) unless a parent or guardian has provided the School of Rock a signed copy of this waiver.


Parents and guardians must come into the facility to pick up their child. School of Rock is unable to send any students out of the facility to meet their parent on the street unless an Off-Premise Waiver has been signed. Students under the age of 10 must always be picked up by a parent or guardian from the interior lobby area.



Students will be cast in a show and then, a week or two later, cast in 1-2 songs to start. We send initial show casting by email, but we do not send emails with individual song casting. Song castings will also be posted in the School of Rock student lounge, and you can always ask the front desk which songs your child has been cast in.

We strive for well-balanced shows where all of our students are challenged and get equal opportunity for parts. Please understand that factors such as attendance at rehearsals, behavior at rehearsals, and preparation/practice for rehearsals can affect the number of songs a student is cast on. The School of Rock method is merit based. While a show’s first casting is as equitable as possible, in subsequent castings we reward commitment, hard work, and steady improvement.

We know many students have talents beyond the instruments they study at School of Rock. We do our best to encourage (and show off) all of our students’ abilities! However, students who take lessons on a specific instrument at School of Rock get priority casting on that instrument in shows. Students are guaranteed to be cast ONLY for instruments on which they take lessons at SoR, and depending on the size and makeup of the show’s cast, we may not be able to accommodate students who wish to perform on an instrument (including vocals) that they do not study at SoR.


Students are expected to show up at their rehearsals prepared and showing weekly progress they’ve made by working on their songs at home and with their instructors. Show Directors may cast a student in additional songs only if they have their initial songs performance ready. If a student is continually unprepared on a certain song, and the Show Director has talked to the student and the student’s instructor about the song to make sure it is in their ability to play, the Show Director reserves the right to cast another student on the song.

REHEARSAL ABSENCES (missed, late arrival, early departure)

If your child will be arriving late, leaving early, or missing a rehearsal, please contact our front desk staff and let us know in advance if possible. This helps our Show Directors run their rehearsals efficiently.

Please note that excessive missed rehearsals may result in fewer songs overall, or may result in songs being re-cast. Remember that for every song your child is cast in, there are several more kids in the same song. It is simply not fair to other kids to have to continually postpone running that song during rehearsals.


We communicate all crucial show information by email. Please make sure you check your email from us regularly. Do not opt-out or un-subscribe from School of Rock email, otherwise you may miss important school information and notices. Show Directors may also have a Facebook group (or other online group as determined by the school) for their show. Information on how to join the Facebook Group will be provided to you when available.

Important: Only use any School of Rock Facebook or other online groups for discussion relating to the group’s show, and non-urgentcommunication. School of Rock admin, management and staff may not be actively monitoring social media groups. As such, all other communication should go through the front desk, by either calling, emailing, or coming in.


The School of Rock Vancouver may charge additional fees for all performances and shows. Typically, show fees include a limited amount of tickets to each show which can be distributed to family and friends! Additional tickets to paid shows may be purchased when available. These fees help offset any costs associate with venue rentals, staging, equipment and crew expenses - that help provide students with the best Rock n’ Roll stage experience possible!